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Contract Transport Distribution UK

Contract Transport Distribution UK

Some clients require the benefit of a dedicated vehicle servicing their requirements but without the headache of running their own transport. Essex Bulk Services ltd can relieve the stress involved in customers operating their own vehicles by providing a dedicated vehicle on a pre determined length of time.

The vehicle can be sign written in the customers own livery giving a professional image to delivery points. Essex Bulk Services ltd have seen an increased demand in customers "de-fleeting" their own vehicles and outsourcing their distribution to a specialist contractor. This can give the client more time to focus on their business needs whilst leaving the delivery of their goods to the experts!

This method of running contract distribution operations has become increasingly popular due to the cost savings that can be made. Essex Bulk Services ltd can operate a vehicle on a particular contract at night and utilize the same vehicle throughout the day on a different contract – this provides both contract customers with a cost effective method of transporting their goods as they both share the cost of the vehicle. This is also of benefit to the environment with one vehicle doing the previous work of two.

Essex Bulk Services ltd have also worked with customers who like the benefit of having their own vehicles but do not have enough goods to deliver during seasonal slumps or for a full week, this therefore proves to be a costly transport solution. After reviewing the customer's delivery schedule we were able to place a vehicle to this particular customer for 3 days a week rising to 5 days a week in busy periods and dropping to 1 or 2 days per week in seasonal slumps. The customer therefore only paid for the vehicle when it was required and saved considerably over operating their own vehicles.

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